Billy Jack Gibson Attorney at Law

Family Law: Divorce

A divorce case can at times be very difficult and very mentally and emotionally draining. I cannot guarantee that I can keep it from being mentally or emotionally draining, but I can provide you with personal and prompt legal representation in order to try to finalize your divorce case in the least amount of time as possible.

Many divorce cases are contested cases requiring the parties to appear before the court to have the Court rule on the case. This can be costly and lengthy, but the right attorney can navigate the process and ensure that your case is being dealt with as economically as possible. At times, the parties may reach an agreement as to the terms of their divorce. This is referred to an uncontested divorce. For it to be truly uncontested, the parties will need to be sure to agree to all terms of settlement (e.g. custody, child support, personal property, etc). Do not hesitate to call the office to discuss great rates on uncontested cases.

Billy Jack will work for you to ensure that you gain what is rightfully yours during the event of a divorce. He will also help educate you on potential outcomes that are unique to your situation. Have questions? Call today at (501) 332-2888.